Sun supreme 1974
Divine mountain / Journey of life
Part 1 Vision of majesty
Part 2 Travelling the spectrum of the soul:
A. Flow of the river of the mind
B. A magical cavern
C. On the edge of it all
Part 3 The valley of mists:
A. Song of the valley deep
B. The elements clash - storm of life
Part 4 Vision fulfilled:
A. Jungle - rhythm colour
B. Over the crest
Part 1 Divinity
Part 2 Divinity
Part 3 Divinity

Ibis 1975
1. Premessa
2. Narratio
3. Dedicated to Janis Joplin
4. Passa il tempo
5. Ritrovarci qui
6. Strada
7. Keep on movin'
8. Noi